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Adopt multiple learning styles of students-SFL urges teachers


The School for Life (SFL), one of the leading education NGO in northern has urged teachers at the basic schools in the northern region to adopt what it called multiple learning styles of students to improve performance and quality education among pupils.

SFL further urged teachers to create a good and safe learning space in which varying skill levels are respected to avoid children being directed away from framing their learning in terms of competition as well as ensure that each child is affirmed enough that, she/he can dare to take the risks that learning always involves.

Good teachers SFL said support children’s learning in social groups and even sometimes using peer teaching relationships across different grade levels.

Speaking at a day workshop for proprietors, stakeholders and NGOs in education in Tamale, the Curriculum development and replication Coordinator, Karimu Alhassan Adamu appealed to teachers to engage all their pupils’ senses and not just their cognitive abilities in the classroom.

Mr Karimu said good teachers respect and affirm what children already know, while inviting them to expand and deepen their knowledge and learn new things.

The Curriculum development and replication coordinator added that, good teachers encourage imaginative play in classroom centers that provide a variety of related kinds of learning opportunities.

He stressed that the need teachers to helping Struggling Students  adding that Most students are unable to meet their expectations due to so many factors which teachers need to be aware of and assist.

The School for Life also selected Gbulahagu primary school in the Tolon District for the LDC program. Ibrahim Norgah, the head teacher of Gbulahagu primary school said out 14 teachers in his school, 13 has been trained by SFL  to ensure that the pupils foundation was build properly.

Mr Ibrahim appealed to school for life to expand their coverage to cover other deprive school in their catchment area.

The workshop was to enable stakeholders to learn more about services provided by the school for life Learning Development Center (LDC).


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