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Basic school teachers trained on first aid handling


Seventy -five (75) basic school teachers from Tamale metropolis and the Sagnarigu districts of the northern region have undergone first aid training seminar on how to handle their students in the classroom. The teachers were taken through the process to be taken in order to save lives during accidents.

The training which was held at the Northern Regional Library in Tamale was  aimed at sensitizing teachers on how to give Basic Life Support, popularly known as First Aid, to students and others in times of emergency.

This includes approaching safely by making sure that the accident scene, you the rescuer, the victim and bystanders are safe from moving objects or vehicles.

Next was by shaking gently and ask ‘are you alright?’ If response is yes, then leave the scene.  Shout for help if need be.

In case of unconsciousness, open airway by placing victim flat on the back, tilt the head and lift the chin and when there is a material in the mouth do not sweep with the finger but rather a clean stick. After that, check breathing by observing chest movement, listening to breath sound and feel the hand or neck pulse.

Chest compression and mouth-to -mouth resuscitation should be performed in turns several times until the victim re-gains consciousness. Finally, place the victim in recovery position before seeking a medical attention.

The training was organized by a youth organization, Junior Chambers International (JCI). The serminar was on the on the theme: ’’Save a life’’.

The JCI tasked participants to put into practice the requisite skills learnt. However, it was noted that improper handling of accident victims leads to avoidable deaths or worsens their plights.

In an interview with Zaa News, the 2013 JCI Local President -Tamale Premier, John Stephen Agbenyo, said JCI intends extending the training to more districts in the region to equip teachers with the necessary knowledge to handle their students in emergency situations.

Mr Albert Kojo Korsah, a resource person at the serminar, said improper handling of accidents can lead to avoidable deaths or worsens the plights of accident victims.

 Meanwhile the Junior Chambers International (JCI), with its slogan: ‘Be Better’, has its branches in about 200 thousand communities worldwide.

By Fuseini Dawuda Neindow



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