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Central Gonja NDC executives condemns youth action


The Executive Committee and rank file of Yepei-Kusawgu constituency of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC)  have disassociated themselves from a concerned youth in the constituency calling for the removal of the Central Gonja District Chief Executive.

The executive committee said the said the youth’s call does not represent the views of the NDC youth in the constituency and should be treated with contempt it deserves.

The Yepei-Kusawgu NDC executive committee described the irate youth’s conduct as disappointing and irresponsible.

Responding to the youth news conference and petition to the president, all 18 executive committee members said the supposed concerned youth should have used the internal party structures if they are really true party members instead of going to the media.

The executive members said they are aware of some unscrupulous people who are bent of denting the image of the Central Gonja DCE, Mumuni Shiraz Ibn Yacin and warn them to desist from it. 

In a strong worded statement signed by all the 18 executives said they suspect someone wants to settle personal scores with the DCE who according to them has brought noticeable and appreciable development to the area.

They have also cautioned faceless people who have made it a point to clandestinely use unsuspecting youth in the party to foment trouble for their parochial Interest to the detriment of the people in central Gonja.

The Yepei-Kusawgu constituency executives described the youth claims as baseless and misleading. The central Gonja district, the executives said is the fastest developing district in the country which is positioning itself as the as the industrial hub of the north. 

Meanwhile, one of the names in the youth petitioned, Iddi Latif who is the deputy constituency secretary has also disassociated himself from the youth petition threatening court action against his colleagues.





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