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Change your attitude towards business-American based Business consultant tells Dagombas


A United States based business consultant and an entrepreneur and the Chief Executive Officer of Zaa Radio, A private Radio station in Tamale, Alhaji Mohammed Ibn Umar has urged Dagombas to change their attitudes towards emerging business opportunities in Dagbon.

He said physical development in Dagbon should be a wake up call to the indigenes that a new era has come with a lot of business opportunities geared at improving their economic standards.

He is worried that, all big shops and other business entities dotted across the northern regional capital, Tamale belongs to non-indigenes. ’’Don’t get me wrong, am not ant-indigenes but I have my people at heart and they need to be educated on how to make genuine money’’, he added.

In all the enterprises in  Tamale that can employ at least three people, has no Dagombas working in it which is unfortunate and an indictment on elite Dagombas.

The Chief Executive Officer  appealed to Dagombas to change their mindsets   about the way and manner they conduct themselves. The establishment of Zaa Radio he explained was to among others to educate the people of Dagbon how to  become business and entrepreneur oriented and self-reliance

He blamed the woes of people in the north to share wickedness and petty jealousy and urged them to rather focus on the numerous business opportunities instead of envy.

According to him, Dagombas everywhere are noted for their hard work in all sectors of economy and see no reason why Dagombas will not be business tycoons in the north and other parts of the world. 

Alhaji Ibn Umar explained that, his not preaching tribalism or being trabalistic but the facts remains that Dagombas need to wake up from their slumbers before they are being taken by events.

Why is that in most private and public offices in  institutions  in Dagbon, you hardly fine Dagombas men and women who have good qualifications and big business ideas? He asked.

Speaking on Zaa  Radio on his take on wide range of issues confronting Dagbon, Alhaji Ibn Umar warned Dagombas that the current pace of development in Ghana should remind everybody to strategically position themselves well or blame themselves because of the influx of non-indigenes and their motives.

’’Take a walk from Kamina Barracks through mile 9 along Tamale-Bolga road and Tamale-Yendi road, you will be amazed, almost all businesses   are not for natives’’, he challenged Dagombas.

He continued, Dagombas has a unfazed pride, but it need to be changed because of the current trend in the world of business. If you don’t want strangers to takeover Tamale then there is the need for critical thinking and total change of attitudes.

He agreed that, initial capital for starting business is a major challenge; the panacea to poverty in the north is attitudinal change. ”How can you  use loans from banks to marry more wives, embark on  journey to Meca and buying cars and want to be an entrepreneur, it's not possible’’ he stated. 

The over 32 year’s business consultant also dismisses claims that, one can only prosper if he or she travels to the southern part of the country.

According to him, all successful non-indigenes became successful people upon the advice and guidance of natives and wonder why indigenes will not help themselves.

He made passionate appeal to successful business men and elite in the north to leave poor school girls to study to become Doctors to serve their own people.

Such people he said must be made to face full rigors of the law. Alhaji Ibn Umar also lamented about how some northern intelligentsia  in all spheres of live allow the Dagbon chieftaincy issue to destroy their pride and urged the youth in Dagbon not to allow themselves to be used by some selfish people who only think of   themselves and nobody else.  


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