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CSO's worry over political interference in combating criminal activities by security agencies in northern region


The Northern Sector Action on Awareness Centre (NORSAAC), a gender base advocacy NGO operating in the northern region have identified insufficient monitoring, Electoral commission unwieldiness to cooperate with political parties, unresolved chieftaincy disputes and campaigns being shrouded with secrecy as a major threat to peaceful election 2012.
NORSAAC also mentioned persistent complains from the political parties about irregularities, incumbency being seen as  having been confer advantage on certain individuals, creation of “no go’’ areas for campaigns and voting as well as campaign on personality instead of on issues as a big challenge which need be address before December 7.
Presenting a report dubbed; 2012 warning indicators at Civic Society Organizations platform meeting in Tamale, the Executive Director of NORSAAC Alhassan Mohammed Awal said the issues are imminent and urged National Commission for Civic Education, security agencies Civil Society Organization and other stakeholders to intensify publication to avert any mayhem in the upcoming general elections.
Mr Awal also expressed worry about the increasingly media unbalance political reporting, inaccuracies and the failure radio stations to regulate the content of phone-ins programs and appealed to journalist and host of talk-shows to exhibit high sense of professionalism in order not plunk the country into chaos.
The meeting which was organized by NORSAAC with support from STAR-Ghana was deliberate on pertinent issues that may endanger peace and stability before, during and after the December 7 elections in Ghana.
Participants at the meeting lamented over political interference as one of the major contributing factor and a promoter of many violent situations in the country.
Some of the participants say the interference by political leaders is a serious issue that is affecting security agencies quest to combating criminal activities in the various communities.
According to them, the interference seems to be encouraging the youth to engage in violence because they know there are some people perceived to be “big men’’ to bail them.  
Some of participants  who expressed their frustrations  to Zaa News lamented about the increasing lawlessness among the youth in the northern region, particularly in the Tamale metropolis who always say “our party is in government’’ should be a source of worry to all.
A developmental worker, Ajara Telley urged the youth to remember that they would one become old people in the society and that they would pay dearly for their actions and inactions.’’ I want the youth to know that, today they are youth tomorrow they would be what we are’’.
She urged the youth not to allow themselves to be used by selfish politicians to cause mayhem for their political expediency to the detriment of their future.
On the use of intemperate language on the airwaves, participants say even though the public outburst against it the media has reduced, there is the need for political parties to educate their members, especially their communicators to focus on issues and not personal attacks.
Some participants say the interference has led to the citizenry losing trust on the security agencies and called for a joint public education exercise with political leaders being in the forefront to sensitize the youth on the need for peaceful coexistence. ]]>


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