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Don't award tree planting projects contracts to contractors- Kampakuya Naa


The Regent of Dagbon, Kampakuya Naa, Andani Abdulai Yakubu, has appealed to government to desist from awarding afforestation projects contracts to contractors. He said  rather entrust into the hands of the paramount Chiefs and their elders who are the custodians of the land.

This, he said will guarantee the success and sustainability of government afforestation projects to be embark upon. 

The Kampakuya Naa also suggested to government to deeply involve the forestry commission and the environmental protection agency. The involvement of these state agencies he noted will give the chiefs some credence to support environmental protection and planting of trees. 

The Kampakuya Naa made the appealed when the minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation Mahama Ayariga paid a curtesy called on him the Gbewwa palace in Yendi. 

The Minister and his team together executive director of E.P.A are currently seeking Chiefs support on government 30 million trees planing program in the northern region.

The Kampakuya Naa cautioned government to desist from awarding tree planting projects to contractors because as he put it ’’ the contractor are only interested in making money and not the survival of the trees.’’  He also called for much involvement of the sub-chiefs in the communities so that the paramount chiefs can support them. 

He charged the EPA to constantly monitor the activities of chain-saw operation which has gain notoriety in the Tatale/Saagule district. These illegal activities he said need immediate attention by the sector agencies.

On the conversion of educational institution and public toilets into bio gas, the Kampakuya Naa said most schools in Yendi has no toilet facilities and government need to have a second look at the policy. 

He told the minister that government will have assist the Chiefs with gas cylinders so that they will stop using firewood and charcoal to cook. This way, they will be able to educate their subjects and the people to stop  cutting down of trees. 



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