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Dr. Naa Andani Andan- A Brief Biography


Final funeral rites of the late Sagnarinaa, Naa Andani Andan is underway at Sagnarigu, near Tamale.
His funeral rites that will be climaxed on Thursday 23, February 2012 with BONI WUHUBU (show of wealth) is expected to be attended by Ministers of State, Members of Parliament, Senior Civil Servants, Chiefs and Members of the Ghana Medical Association amongst other dignitaries.
Born about 89 years ago, Chief Andani Andan attended his elementary education at Gambaga and Zuarungo and ended his education abroad as a qualified medical doctor and surgeon.
He was the first Dagomba doctor and surgeon.
He worked at the Tema government hospital, Obuasi Golds Mines hospital and the police hospital where he worked as Director of the hospital.
Dr. Andan also worked at the UST medical school now KNUST medical school and rose to become the head of the governing board of the university.
He later opened his private clinic at Bonsu in Kumasi where he continued to practice as a surgeon until his death on 4th July 2007.
His ascension to the Sagnarigu throne lasted forty one years and he was the only important chief in Dagbon apart from the korili chief not to have been enskined by the slain YAA Na Yakubu II.
He was survived by many wives and children and is credited with contributing to the development of medicine in Ghana.
A visit to Sagnarigu by our correspondent reveals serious preparations for the climax of the event on Thursday and already many family members have descended on Sagnarigu pitching camps to celebrate the great man whose contribution also to chieftaincy cannot be over emphasized.
Family sources describe him as not only a medical doctor but a philanthropist a responsible family head and a caring chief who spent a lot of his precious time trying to make people happy.
Dr. Andani Andan is widely known in Dagbon to have provided free medical services to many Dagombas and secured the services of colleague doctors for the benefit of his Dagomba patients where he lacked the expertise. ]]>

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