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CPP Is The Only Saviour-Dr. Abu Sakara


An aspiring presidential candidate of the Convention Peoples’ Party (CPP), Dr. Abu Sakara has called on Ghanaians to vote the CPP into power in the upcoming December polls since the CPP is the only vehicle that can lead the country to its rightful destination. Speaking at the party’s head office where he had gone to file his nomination, Dr. Sakara said “I believe with all my heart that the CPP is the vehicle to convey this alternative third force into government. I believe that CPP has the values, principles, policies and people that are needed to chart a new forward for Ghana”. The CPP has opened nominations until Thursday February 23 for persons aspiring to become its flag bearer to file their nominations before the party heads to congress in March to elect a flag bearer for the December polls. He reiterated that significant progress can only be made through an alternative third force that seeks a nationalist agenda which is inclusive and cooperative rather than divisive and unnecessarily confrontational. Dr. Sakara added that Ghanaians have witnessed the era of probity and accountability, positive change and as well as that of the Better Ghana Agenda [and] “we find ourselves standing in the same place with the same old problems. Our social values have been eroded, our institutions are failing and our economy remains undeveloped”. He said the country needs a new way forward and the CPP is the vehicle that can propel the nation on that forward march. “The oscillation (see-saw) between the two parties NPP and NDC that are diametrically opposed to each other has led to stagnation in our political, economic and social advancement in recent times” he added. He thus called for unity in the CPP and asked members to dedicate themselves and work to attain victory in the December elections. The new CPP government, he said, when given the mandate in December, will dedicate itself to ensuring a zero unemployment rate among the country’s youth by engaging them in compulsory secondary education, rural empowerment as well as the nurturing of entrepreneurs. He said the CPP government will limit the amount of money coming into the budget by allocating 30% of oil revenue to the national budget and 70% to the heritage fund. He acknowledged the successes chalked by previous CPP leaders and pledged to continue what his predecessor had already started.]]>


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