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Elect people with local governance interest-Julius Debra advice


The local government and rural development minister, Julius Debra has urged electorates to elect people with better understanding of local governance issues into the assemblies. 
The minister worried that anybody with interest can just declare his or her interest without recuse to the local governance issues.
The minister made the statement as a result of many district assemblies inability to meet their revenue target last year. Out of 26 metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies in the northern region, only three met their revenue target in 2015. 
With barely a month to the district assembly elections, Mr Debra urged electorates to consider development of their areas first before electing people into the various assemblies. 
The Mr Debra observed that the challenges confronting some district assemblies can be largely attributed to the caliber of assembly members in the assemblies. 

The local government rural development minister Julius Debra who was made interacting with the media in the northern region attributed problems confronting some of the district assemblies to the people the electorates chose. 

The local government minister and his team are in the region to encourage citizen’s participation of the forthcoming district assembly elections, to promote northern region business potentials and also ensure the success of the region turn of the National Sanitation Day (NSD) exercise. 
Mr Debra stated that, the ministry regional tour is to promote the regions business potentials but not for the regions to compete. He reminded electorates that, is not everybody who show interest should be elected and they ended up approving anything the DCEs want them to approve. 

Some of these assembly members, the minister noted have diverse means of adopting delay tactics during their assembly meetings and before citizens realized money meant for development are used for their sitting allowances. 

Such assembly members Mr Debra said, fines their way into the various assemblies as a result of apathy that normally characterized district assembly elections and appeal to the people in region to show keen interest in the upcoming district assembly elections.


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