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Encroachers take over Kumbungu senior high school


Authorities of the Kumbungu Senior High School (SHS) have expressed grieved concerned about serious encroachment on the school land which needs immediate attention by the government and the Ghana education service.
The authorities are therefore appealing to the Ghana education service and government to intervene to serve the school from taken over by encroachers.
The school started in 1990s with a student population of 35 students. it currently has a population of one thousand three hundred and sixty nine (1369) students comprising 400 girls and the rest been boys, form 1, 2 and 3 pursuing four programs that is Home economics, General Arts, General Agric and Business. They have three classes each for each program.
Authorities say the school is endowed with a lot of talents in its catchment area which has more than 50 basic schools. The authorities say the school contains a small number of students because it is day school hence no dormitories except some few rooms as hostel facilities.
The few hostels, according to KUSSEC, are an imitative of the school which can only house only about 110 students.
Speaking exclusively with Zaa News on the challenges facing the school, the head master, Francis Tia said the school should have been a boarding school by now, because the catchments area is so wide that they cannot cater for the number they need.
Lamenting about the challenges facing KUSSEC, Mr Tia said his outfit wants the school to go far but the students cannot be staying in their houses and coming to school so they need to come and rent around the school.
He said the school population doesn’t befit its current status and the worse of it all is the encroachments on the school campus where their athletics park has now been captured by encroachers who are building mansions closer to the school.
The most worrying situation, Mr. Tia said, is encroachers building just near teachers bungalows on the outside plots. Some of the bungalows are captured as being outside plots so the encroachments are so rampant then they need something like dining hall and assembly hall to at least agree some of these problems.
’’The buildings are not even enough and classroom structures are not enough, parents have come and helped still they are lacking some of these things and for renovation we don’t talk of it, accommodation for them; They (students) have to rent outside and the renting is dangerous especially, the girls they are just opened to the air and anybody can go there and harass them,’’ Mr Tia lamented.
The headmaster said the government must come in with at least two dormitory blocks one for the boys and the other for the girls that will enhance learning in the school.
He added that the school is so big that it needs a lot of facilities and government should intervene particularly on the land encroachment.
He said if necessary the government should talk to the chief to release their land back to the school that could be better because there is no where they can go even if he has got a land somewhere for a new senior high school that one should be given to those who illegally bought the land there and the encroachment will then stop. ’’They will go there and the school will remain because they cannot move the old building to the new site as he [the chief] is claiming, so we are only praying that government should come to our aid otherwise we are falling,’’ Mr Tia added.


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