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One of the leading micro-finance companies in Ghana and in the North in particular, Youth In Leadership International (YOLI) micro finance has honoured its customers for their loyalty in keeping them in business over years.
Each awardee of the top five outstanding clients received a piece of GTP cloth and a bottle of champagne. The rest of the deserving clients numbering about eight each took home either a YOLI company T-shirt or a piece of GTP cloth.
YOLI also presented a certificate of honour to Zaa Radio for being their media partner and for the loyalty, dedication and service to the development of the company.
At its annual get-together for its clients the Director of YOLI micro finance limited Mohammed Damanko Abdulai said the award is primarily aimed at honouring deserving clients of YOLI micro-finance limited at the end of every successive year.
He explained that the event was not only to honour people but to review its operations, sensitize business-minded people and to give merriment.
YOLI micro-finance according to its director started with a minimum paid up capital of 40 thousand Ghana cedis and has exceeded the hundred requirements by bank of Ghana and now has a paid up capital of 2 hundred thousand Ghana cedis.
He further explained the new products of the company which include saving account, current account, investment fund (I-fund) and fixed deposit account.
On the prospects of the company, Mr Mohammed categorically stated that the future is bright. He also added that YOLI micro- finance has introduced new products such as sanitation market and Live Fund (LYFA).
Enumerating the challenges bedeviling the company, Mr Damanko mentioned difficulty in loan recovery, lack of trust and credibility, poor saving habits of people and high operational costs as complained by clients.

By ; Fuseini Dawuda Neindow/


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