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Farmers appeals to gov’t for trucks, wheel barrows to cart compost piles to farms


Farmers in the Savelugu municipality have appealed to government to assist them with trucks and wheel barrows to enable them convey compost piles to their farms.

The farmers say they prefer compost to chemical fertilizer. The major challenge facing the farmers’ quest to enrich the soil fertility is how to transport the compost pile to their farms.

According to the farmers, the compost helps them get good yields and healthy foods. The farmers made the appeal during a field demonstration at Tindang and Yilikpani both farming communities in the Savelugu municipality of the northern region.

The demonstration day was organized by Zaa Radio under the auspices of Farm Radio International (FRI), a Canadian based organization.

The farmers thanked Zaa Radio and its partners for reminding them on the need to use compost. The demonstration brought together FRI focus groups and other members in the communities.

During an interaction session, a farmer in Yilikpani told Zaa News ''Tell government that we cannot more buy chemical fertilizer because it’s becoming too expensive and for the compost, we can gather by-products of our farm produce and make fertilizer’’.

Compost is made up of corn husk, groundnut husk, animal drops and all kinds of degradable materials mixed with water.

The farmers also appealed to farm non-governmental organizations such as Northern Rural Growth Program (NRGP) to support them with tricycles and donkeys to ease transportation difficulties in compost making.


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