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Gukpena's Funeral Performed At Last


The final funeral rite of Gukpana Abdulai Alhassan has ended in Tamale.
The ceremony was climaxed with the show of wealth otherwise known as BUNI WUHUBU.
Traditional rulers attended the funeral with their following amidst drumming and dancing.
All major chiefs in Dagbon including the koga na the chief custodian of Dagbon custom graced the occasion.
Other ethnic groups like the konkombas also graced the occasion.
Members of Parliament, District Chief Executives and Ministers of State also graced the occasion.
Culture and tradition was  at its best as musketeers of the various chiefs fired musketry from all angles, stretching from the palace to the police park area from the east, the central mosque area from the west, the main traffic around the main taxi rank from the north and as far as chanli from the south.
The cacophony of noises from the firing of musketry coupled with the din from vehicle and motorbike horns provided a chaotic situation that made the event more exciting to watch and participate. 
Young and old, men, women and children attended the event with the traditional attire, the smock being the most dominant attire.
Traffic came to a standstill and all roads leading to the palace were blocked to motorists.
The funeral ends with a thanks giving prayer on Friday. 
The late chief of Gukpegu died in1996 after 22 years on the throne but his funeral was not performed until now.]]>

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