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Health alert; unwholesome vegetables in the market


Concern residents in Nyashegu electoral area in the Tamale North Constituency of the northern region have raised alarm about the dirty water use to water vegetables cultivated along Nyashegu drain. Vegetable farmers along the drain are using the green colored water to water their vegetable and sale it to unsuspecting consumers.

But some residents living along the area are uncomfortable with it and described it as dangerous for human consumption. They want the public health unit of the Ghana health service to intervene before the outbreak of any infectious diseases in the region.  

It is common in most areas in Tamale with storm-drains to fine some vegetable farmers using unwholesome water from drains full of fecal matter and all manner liquid waste for their vegetable such as salad, carrot and Ayoyo.

In spite of public complains about some of the activities of some vegetable farmers, they still use it to water their vegetables.

Even though there is pipe born water flowing in the area, the vegetable farmers prefer the dirty water to clean or treated water for the simple reason that their water bills would increased if they use clean water.

But for some concern residents, is about time for the environmental health and sanitation and the public health unit to crack the whip to prevent innocent people from dying.

Concern residents in the area who kept mute for some time now about the situation cannot understand why the vegetable farmers make money and yet expose hundreds of people lives to health hazards.

As at 2 pm today when Zaa News visited the area, there was a generator drowning the dirty and stinking water to water salad and other vegetables.

Some consumers who spoke to Zaa News though knew about what they are buying say it is difficult to differentiate such vegetables in the market from those watered by clean water.

Deputy Director of Public at the Ghana Health service in northern region, Dr Jacob Mahama said his outfit has been advocating against it and public need to be careful in the kind of vegetables they purchase in market.



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