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Hikmat Baba Dua selected for 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Malaysia


The Founder and Executive Director of the League of Young Female Leaders in the Northern Region has been selected among 250 international young people out of over 1000 applicants to participate in this year’s Global Startup Youth and the 4th Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Malaysia. on behalf of the Ministry of Finance Malaysia invited Miss Hikmat Baba Dua to participate in the events to be held in Kuala Lumpur in October 2013 with a scholarship package.

The Global Startup Youth program is an intense fun-filled 3-day engagement boot camp that is designed to inspire the youth of today to become next generation entrepreneurs and game changers with a global worldview. 

A statement issued in Tamale and signed by Miss Hikmat Baba Dua and copied to Zaa News said the program will bring together 250 youth from 40 countries from around the world and 300 Malaysian youths.

During the three days, the 550 youths will engage in various activities that will enable them to learn the art of building a global and scalable startup, work with their peers from other countries and learn from each other, form teams, pitch ideas, discuss, debate and connect.

 The intent of the Global Startup Youth program is to celebrate the power of youth, multiculturalism and global connections in building a better world through venture creation.

It is a gathering of tomorrow’s coders, hustlers, and domain experts and youth leaders to huddle together for from 8th -10th October, 2013.

This year’s 4th Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Kuala Lumpur is organized by the Malaysia Ministry of Finance (MoF) under the patronage of the Prime Minister.

President Obama is scheduled to deliver the keynote address which will focus on the importance of entrepreneurship, particularly for young people, in driving economic progress.

Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications of President Obama, Ben Rhodes is quoted as saying that Mr Obama will also touch on ways in which young people can tap into the entrepreneurial spirit, how to create new businesses and opportunities to drive economic progress not just in Malaysia, but across South-East Asia and across the world.

The 4th GES 2013 Summit Program was conceptualized based on the theme “Empowering and Connecting Entrepreneurs”.

The two-day summit is being spearheaded by MDeC and SME Corp, with input from the White House and various entrepreneurial organizations, NGOs, private and the public sectors.

The 4th GES 2013 promises an exciting summit program where more than 100 speakers from across the globe will share their insights and success stories on, among others, innovative business models, disruptive innovations, digital entrepreneurship, funding ecosystem, developing and retaining talent, youth/women/social entrepreneurship, start-ups going global, making millions from nothing and many more.





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