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Upper West Region’s roads are immotorable-Dr Ephraim


The Upper West Regional Minister Dr Ephraim Avea Nsoh has expressed deep concerns   over increasingly deplorable road networks in the Region.

According to him,   the time has come for the Ministry of Roads and Highways to pay particular attention to the region and address the myriad of challenges facing the road sector in the area.

The Upper West Regional minister expressed these concerns when the Deputy Minister of roads and highways called on him at his official residence in Wa in the Upper West Region.

Dr Avea    stressed that about ten percent [10%] of the road networks in the region are tarred making the rest very immotorable   particularly during the rainy seasons.

The Deputy Minister was in the Northern part of the country to inspect road projects and some flood disaster areas militating against speedy execution of those projects for immediate solutions to address them.

He assured the Chiefs and people in the Upper West Region that the government has noticed the strategic location of the Region and will commit all the necessary resources to put the road networks in shape.

The Northern Regional Minister, who was one time a deputy minister of the Region, said the bad nature of roads in the region has increased and deepened the poverty level of the people and called for the Region’s share of good road networks.

The Northern Regional Minister, Bede Ziedeng, maintains that the Upper West Region is not only the youngest region in the country, but one of the poorest,   hence, the need for special investments to enable it catch up with the rest in the country.


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