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I have personal interest in girl child education, Chief admits


The chief of Moglaa and retired educationist, Iddrisu Andani who was elevated from the Savelugu Kpaling skin to Moglaa skin on the 15th February by the Gbewaa palace, has expressed some personal interests in the education of children particularly the girl-child.

According to the Moglaalana, throughout his educational life he attended core educational institution right from primary, secondary to the university. Moglaa Lana was speaking  in an interview with Zaa News on wide range of developmental issues affecting his area.

He said he has seen that education of the girl-child is very important. He realized somebody, somewhere said “if you educate a boy, you educate an individual but if you educate a girl you educate a whole community.” Because of that he attached a lot of importance to the education of the girl-child.

Naa Iddrisu Andani said when he got to the community; there were a lot of interventions by NGOs especially the RAINS.

His previous community was working with RAINS which basically focused on the girl-child education and when he got to Moglaa he saw that RAINS and CAMFED were championing the cause of the girl-child education. Naa Andani he has seen that the interventions by these NGOs with regard to girl-child education are having a lot of positive impact on the education of the children in that community.

If one goes to the school in the community, the dropout rate has reduced tremendously. Right from primary to J.H.S, one will see that grown-up girls are in school continuing their education and only very few of them going to the cities as head potters [kayaye] Moglaa told Zaa News at his palace.

According to him it is not usual in the Dagbomba communities to have grown-ups attending school and taking it seriously. Moglaa has one community church that is much particular about education and that he thinks the influence of one pastor, Rev. Abu, who he said shows some interest in the education of children, needs to be complemented.

’’People there also equally have interest in education and have accepted educating a child is something good and very rewarding’’ he observed.

They, however, have some widespread challenges whereby children are interested in education, but their parents are not able to send them to school due to poverty. Besides, another challenge has to do with inadequate school infrastructure.

The chief appealed to stakeholders of education and NGOs to support them. He highly commended RAINS and Right-To-Play for providing students with educational materials some few months ago, which they were very much appreciated.

He singularly showered praises to Tuma-kavi in Moglaa community for its immense contribution to education of children there.  Naa Iddrisu Andani appealed to government and NGOs to come to the aid of his community and support children, especially girl’s education.

By;Ibrahim Dikuyanlala/


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