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Kampakuya Naa enskins Businessman as entertainment Chief


A 42-year old businessman has been enskinned as the Chief of Entertainment by the Regent of Dagbon, Kampakuya Naa Abdulai Yakubu Andani.

Abubakari Mohammed Awal’s chieftaincy title is Diema naa (I). He was enskinned in a colorful ceremony at the Gbewaa Palace in Yendi.

Chief Diema Naa was a former finance officer at Vodafone Ghana limited.  The chief entertainer to the Yeni skin is expected to work hand-in-hand with other sub chiefs in addressing issues concerning the Dagbon traditional area. 

The ceremony brought together about 90 percent of youth chiefs in the Northern Region who were at the palace to give their full support to their peer.

Speaking to the Zaa News, Chief Diema Naa Mohammed Awal said he would use his title to bring all chiefs together to advocate and focus on the need for peace and development in Dagbon. 

Chief Diema Naa Mohammed Awal added that they want to use the smock to take care of the peace that they have been planning to build as far as Northern Region is concerned.

 Even though ’’Diema” literally means a play or a drama, he however debunked the notion of the title’s etymology.” We are talking about peace, development and education in the north,’’ Mr Awal explained.

So they have a lot to do as far as the Diema Naa smock was concerned, but their main purpose was attaining peace. They want to generally bring unity to Dagbon.

 He said the smock belongs to everybody as far as Northern Region was concerned and they don’t have functions as far as the skin is concerned.

 He added that most of the youth chiefs about 80 to 90 percent were present at the palace and that they all helped in diverse ways since he started programming for his enskinment process. Diema Naa thanked all the youth chiefs in Dagbon for the very important role they played.

 What he intends doing is to bring all the chiefs together and he also wants the media to be closer and partake whatever they are doing.   

By;Ibrahim Dikunyalala/



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