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Kampakuya Naa urges gov’t to increase efforts in education in the north


The Regent of Dagbon and the acting President of Dagbon traditional council, Kampakuya Naa, Abdulai Yakubu Andani II has urged government to increase its efforts in improving education in the northern sector of the country.
He said the north lags behind in education not as a result of the people’s own doing as believed in some quarters , but as a result of a deliberate colonial policy that sought in downplaying the significance of education up north.
According to him, it was to keep the northern territories as a labour reserve for plantation and mines in the southern sector of their own country.
The Kampakuya Naa stated this when he inaugurated a 36 million US dollar privately owned school christened ’7A’s’ College of Science and Technology at Kuga, a suburb of Yendi.
The school was established by a philanthropist, Nathaniel Adams to provide education right from junior high through to the tertiary level with the aim of providing solutions to the long term problem of lack of teachers and health professionals who on countless occasions refuse posting to the north.
The Regent of Dagbon who gave his blessings for the project stated that, even though the chiefs appreciate government efforts of improving education in the country, they expect the government to fully support private initiatives as is in line with the tenets of Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education (FCUBE) .
The introduction of FCUBE program paved the way for the participation of private entities in education system in Ghana.
It was aimed at improving the quality of learning and teaching, improving access to basic education facilities, encouraging private sector participation in the provision of facilities among others.
The Kuga Naa Abdulai Adam II who delivered the speech on behalf of the Regent of Dagbon said the establishment of 7A’s college will contribute in achieving the objectives of FCUBE program.
The college, the Kuga Naa believes’ will opens another window of opportunity to every child to develop especially, in the science and technology disciplines.
He commended the contribution of a team of science professors and professionals from the state of Arkansas in the United State of America since the inception of the project.
The founder of 7A’s college Nathaniel Adams said the only way to address problem of inadequate health professionals in the northern region is to grow health workers in the region.
Mr Adams said the college will provide good standard quality education, disseminate knowledge and foster transformational, religious and moral development of the children by building relationships with the external sources and bodies. The 7A’s according to Mr Adams represents his family of seven.


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