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Labour Minister macho men disrupt press conference



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A group of macho men believed to be loyal to the Member of Parliament for Tamale South and Minister of Employment and Labour Relations,  Haruna Iddrisu  on Tuesday ambushed some journalists at news conference in Tamale.

 The macho men numbering over 20 besieged the venue of the aggrieved youth of the party at Kakpagyili in the constituency and took the press statement from the journalists under the pretext of a cursory look at the content of the statement.
Ignorantly, they did not know their  uncivilized behavior could not prevent the journalists from airing the aggrieved youth's concerns because organizers had already read the statement to the press which was recorded. 
Both the organizers, the Agape Founders Fun Club and the media were taken by surprise when the macho men besieged the venue immediately the organizers had finished addressing the press.  
The Tamale south constituency for sometime now has been boiling with issues such as the incumbent's attempt to manipulate constituency executives to prevent anyone with interest to contest him when the party opens parliamentary primaries. 
The aggrieved youth accused the labour minister of doling out money to women groups christened, Haruna Micro finance with the disbursement officer coming from  the Tamale Central constituency only identified as Mr Atik.
The grape vine has it that, Haruna Iddrisu is likely to face a tough competition from one Alhaji who is reported to be economically sound and can much the incumbent MP boot to boot.
Since romours started making rounds that, the MP will no longer enjoy unopposed he has enjoyed for over 8 years now, several groups have expressed their disgust about the behavior of some executives. 
Highly placed sources   from the party told Zaa News, the said Alhaji with an ambition to contest Haruna Iddrisu is well connected to the first family making it very difficult for any one to impress on him to step aside for Haruna to go unopposed. 
Analysts say  the current biometric registration of party members coupled with the bickering and bitterness among some youth, it will be very difficult for the incumbent to influence delegates with money and other favors. 
The Agape Founders  was the second to descend on the incumbent MP to change his tactics he has been using over the years to win the primary. Last week, a group called Anti-Mugabe forces vowed to expose the labour minister and his cohorts if he does not stop.
The Anti-Mugabe forces accused constituency executives of forcing some members in the constituency to admit in a documentary currently going on that he (Haruna Iddrisu) has done well that no one should contest him. 
This, the group thinks, is unhealthy democratic practice in a party such as the National Democratic Congress (NDC). 
However, some constituency executives have rubbished the accusations and urged the aggrieved youth groups to channel their grievance to the party structures. 
Constituency Secretary Mohammed Sulemana suspects what is going on in the constituency  is being fueled by unknown faces and calls for calm. 
He also appeals to persons interested in contesting in the primaries with the incumbent to wait when the National Executive Committee (NEC) announces date for filing of nominations. 
Mr Sulemana affectionately called “Agitator” advises various groups in the constituency not to allow themselves to be used by  people interested in cons reign the primaries. 
Communication Director of the constituency, Abdul Ganiu Sandoo  who also reacted to the youth concerns described the current happenings in the constituency as unfortunate. 
Mr Ganiu said as the executives they are aware that some people are behind the youth agitations and will respond to all the issues raised against the Haruna Iddrisu at the appropriate time.



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