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Ladies handbags’ snatching resurfaces in Tamale


The snatching of ladies handbags by masked unregistered motor bike riders has resurfaced within the enclave of the Tamale polytechnic.

The disguised boys ride unregistered ‘Mapouka’ motor bikes wrapped with white rubbers and carry out their nefarious activities.

Residents in the area say their lives are not safe and want the northern regional police command to extend their patrol team to the area.

Snatching of bags used to be common in some parts of Ghana’s capital-Accra but has hit the northern regional capital-Tamale since 2014 in areas where tertiary students reside especially.

This criminal activity became a serious security issue to the District, Metropolitan and the Regional security committees and has led to some swoops and arrest of people riding unregistered motor bikes.  

Some critics doubted the sustainability of REGSEC’s efforts to clampdown criminal activities in the region because of previously failed efforts.

The modus operandi of the criminals is that, they ride unregistered mapouka bikes trail the unsuspecting residents especially, ladies in communities perceived to be residential areas. The criminal activity resurfaced on Thursday within houses behind the Tamale polytechnic ladies’ GETFund hostel and New Life ITC College area.

The masked miscreants according to the residents stopped some students on their way home to rob them but the students were only having books.

On Friday, the masked guy again at 5am trailed a worker with the Bonzali rural bank Yendi branch from her house and snatched her bag.

Alhassan Jamila Sanda was on her way to board metro mass bus to Yendi after a leave when the criminal masked his face rode an unregistered ‘mapouka’ bike and snatched her bag.

Jamila who was confused on what to do screamed for help but her colleague women came out from the nearby house while the criminal was riding top speed with one hand holding the bag containing her two Nokia Lumia mobile phones valued at over one thousand Ghana cedis, staff ID, NHIS, SSNIT, GCB ATM and voter ID cards including an undisclosed amount of money and other valuable items.  



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