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Liaise with us to end flooding situation-Zoomlion urges flood prone areas


Zomlion Ghana limited in the northern region has appealed to communities especially, flood prone areas to liaise with them to desilt choked gutters that sometimes cause floods during rainy seasons.

Zoomlion said it is committed in finding a lasting solution to the persistent flooding situation  in Tamale and its environs through the collaboration with community members and assembly members in the various metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies (MMDAs) in the country.

 As part of their flood prevention effort, the company has embarked on desilting and fumigation exercise to ensure that drains in the Tamale metropolis are clear to pave way for running water.

Zoomlion is also collaborating with stakeholders in health and sanitation sector to educate the public on proper sanitation practices to reduce the incidence of malaria cases in the country.

The National Mosquito Control Program (NAMCOP), a private Public Partnership in collaboration with the ministry of health has been designed to help reduce further spread of anopheles mosquito which is the causative agent for malaria.

At Gumani, one of the flood prone areas in Tamale, drains were desilted and fumigated to prevent floods in the future.  

Under the program, over 25 communities have been fumigated with some major choked drains desilted in the northern region in the first quarter of this year.

Speaking to Zaa News in Gumani, a suburb of Tamale, the Vector Control Officer of Zoomlion Ghana in the northern region, Abdulai Abdul-Aziz Yalsuma appealed to communities in Tamale to pay keen interest in proper sanitation practices to prevent the spread of mosquitoes and floods.

Mr. Aziz Yalsuma lamented over the havoc that floods caused to residents including lost of lives and several properties destroyed, and appealed to community members to liaise with Zoomlion in curbing sanitation and flooding situation in Ghana.  

The desilting exercise which was organized by a Gumani based youth group, the Nasara Youth was to prevent further lost of lives in the area during heavy down pour.

According to the Nasara Youth, the area has been experiencing persistent floods  for over three years now and that anytime there was a flood in Tamale,  Gumani was worse affected, hence the need to find a lasting solution to the problem.  


The Assemblyman for Nyashegu/Gumani electoral area, Mohammed Awal Zakaria urged the people in the area to stop indiscriminate dumping of waste which he said contributes significantly to  flooding.  

He blamed the continued flooding situation in Gumani to indiscriminate dumping of waste into the gutters and appealed to the people in his electoral area to change their attitudes towards the environment.









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