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Youth activist commends President Mahama for appointing young people


A leading National Democratic Congress [NDC] Youth Activist in the Mion Constituency of the Northern Region of Ghana Yakubu Abdul-Jalil Bawa, has commended President John Dramani Mahama for believing in the youth of the country and appointing some of them to serve in his administration.

 He said, considering the fact that majority of the country’s population was made up of young people who were burning with the desire to contribute towards building their nation, such appointments in the current administration could not have come at a better time.

Speaking exclusively to Zaa News  in Tamale on his assessment of the President’s 100 days in office, Mr. Bawa also observed that today's generation was contributing their quota successfully in almost every facets of the economy be it in the field of ICT, Banking, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Education and Agronomics, among others.

Thus, the appointment of over 30 percent of young people as deputy ministers in the view of Mr. Bawa, should inspire those who were still sitting on the fence to begin to be proactive and find something useful to do; so that when the day of reckoning comes they would also be counted.

According to him, the 2012 National Youth Policy of Ghana document puts the youth within the brackets of 15 to 35 years in line with the United Nations definition of the youth.

This group of people, he said in the world over, represents the most active and critical resource of every nation especially developing ones, such as Ghana. Mr. Bawa who is also an Administrator at the Tamale Polytechnic, challenged those who had been lucky to be appointed, to prove to the President and the whole nation that, he did not make a mistake by choosing them from the lot to serve.

Adding that, they must be humble, obedient and respectful to their substantive ministers and dare not do the vice versa, because that could spoil the chances of others who were also waiting to serve in future.

He indicated that, aside the overall successful appointment of his ministers, President Mahama also did well by achieving at least 30 percent of female appointments, stressing that women groups and other gender advocates in the country, ought to commend him for that feat.

Mr. Bawa further commended President Mahama for being able to deal effectively with the recent power crisis that welcomed him into office saying, had he not been focused and resolute, a lot of industries would have gone haywire.  

Meanwhile, he has also appealed to members of the NDC particularly those who did not get any appointment from the president not to be too disappointed in him, but help contribute in their own small way to ensure the achievement of his Better Ghana Agenda and national unity.

 Mr. Yakubu Abdul-Jalil Bawa also called on party foot soldiers to desist from some unruly acts they engaged in four years ago and allow the President some peace of mind, because the NDC was currently going through turbulent times in its history particularly because of the election petition case at the Supreme Court.



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