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NPP delegates to elect chairman on grounds of recapturing B/A


Delegates in the upcoming national conference of the New Patriotic Party are considering given their mandate to any aspiring of National Chairman of the Party who can help the party recapture Brong and Ahafo region (B/A) in 2016.

The delegates say Brong and Ahafo region has played important role in the tow times the NPP won presidential elections. The region according to Mr Paul Afoko team featured prominently on the litany of consideration among delegates on April 12 2014 NPP delegates conference.

In 2000 and 20014, an aspiring candidate for NPP national chairman alluded that he is the best to wrestle back the region for NPP because he hails from there.

But a member of aspiring national chairmanship position of Paul Foko, Samudeen Shaaban in a statement said, reasons adduced by Steven Ntim is flawed and lack of his knowledge of the demographic makeup of the region.

Mr Shaaban said Mr Ntim was the NPP national chairman in 2008 elections when NPP exited the corridors of political power and incidentally the party also lost Brong and Ahafo region.

NPP the statement said lost in presidential in B/A under the watch of Mr Ntim because the natives there largely voted for NPP but the settler population had increased exponentially.

The statement said, Mr Paul Afoko was the only chairman who can salvage and boost the NPP chances in the party’s third strong hold.

The 2010 population and housing census pegged B/A predominantly northerners to 44percent. This, the statement said explains what it calls nightmares in the Brong and Ahafo region in both 2008 and 2012 elections. 

It said in attempt to consolidate NPP electoral fortunes and maintain a firm holds of traditionally sympathetic areas such as Nkoranza and Berekum NPP need to somebody like Paul Afoko who embodies a solution for both settlers and natives.




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