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Only my mother doesn't smoke marijuana -student tell disciplinary committee

Authorities of the Tamale Pong-Tamale Senior High School in the Savelugu/Nanton Municipality of the Northern region were taken aback when one of their students boldly told school authorities only his mother doesn't  smoke marijuana or wee. The student said in his family everyone smoke wee and he emulated his family from the head to the last baby and any attempt to stop him from smoking will fail, daring school authorities to call his father. True to his, when the school contacted the father to come to the school over the matter,  refused to honor the invitation. 
The confession came at a time the school was struggling to deal  with an upsurge of indiscipline among students on campus.
Authorities of the school told Zaa News they cannot allow indiscipline to continue and will adopt all means possible to address the problem. 
Some of the students, the school said, are engaging in various forms of social vices including smoking wee or marijuana, stealing, truancy while others rent rooms in Pong-Tamale Township and are engaged in immoral acts. 
The indiscipline the school said has led to some of the truant ones injuring themselves in their attempt to get to the school after sneaking out. 
Authorities say while they are making efforts to improve academic standards of the school, some students are bent on denting the image of the school.
  They are, therefore, urging parents to collaborate effectively with the school to instill discipline for the betterment of the students’ future. 
The school which was established in 1991 though one of the challenged SHS’s in the northern region has made some significant progress among its peers. 
Its current total student population stands at 1,260    comprises both girls and boys. The school performed well in the 2014 West Africa Examination with 80 boys out of 365 registered passing in 8 subjects and 7 girls passing in 8 subjects representing 90.4%. Addressing parents and guardians at a PTA meeting in Pong-Tamale, the headmaster of the School, Samson Jakpa said this academic year is most challenging to the school management in terms of instilling discipline.

According to the Pong-Tamale SHS headmaster, two students from year one were caught smoking wee. The self-confession of the student took the committee by surprise, this triggered a quick invitation of the 'smoker' father but he declined to honor the invitation.

Education should be a means of giving a sense of direction and life-long productive career choices to students who pass through the high school system. To some students of Pong-Tamale Senior high school it is the opposite. 
While others have rented rooms at the Pong-Tamale Township and engaged in teen sex, others skip walls of neighbouring houses to steal valuable belongings, while others use prohibited and hard drugs. 
The  headmaster told parents that indiscipline has reach an alarming proportion and need a concerted effort to avert it from escalating. “Year one student boldly told us that he smoke marijuana or wee because in his family it's only his mother who doesn't smoke”, Mr Jakpa regrettably told parents.
  The said student together with his colleague according to Mr Jakpa were caught smoking wee last academic year in the school and when they were held before the disciplinary committee, one of them without any fear or respect told  the committee that his farther is aware of his smoking  habit  and sees nothing wrong with it. 
He lamented the effects of falling moral standards among students of the school and called for unified teacher-parent participation to help curb the current behavioral trend so that the school could fly to greater heights.
 He further cautioned students engaged in such practices that he, and the staff will not hesitate to religiously sanction students who would go contrary to the law. 
He reminded the recalcitrant students  that their testimonies awaits them for future reference if they do not change their bad behaviors.  
He urged students in all institutions to see their short stay as a written script which would be a useful testimony and point of positive reflection


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