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Court denies bail for 8 Bimbilla chieftaincy dispute suspects


The Tamale District Court one (1) presided over by his worship Justice Anthony Asaah has declined to grant bail to 8 persons arrested during violent clashes in Bimbilla.

The 8 included four teachers, a student, mason, a farmer and the registrar of the Nanumba traditional council.

The 8 accused persons were arrested and arraigned before court on July 10, 2015 in a shooting spree when violence erupted in the Bimbilla Township resulting in the death of five persons.

The accused were provisionally charged with the murder of the five persons in the clashes and were remanded in police custody. Lawyer for the second accused person, lawyer Abdul Fatawu Yakubu, prayed the court to grant his client bail.

According to the lawyer for the second accused, he currently serves in the capacity of registrar at the Nanumba traditional council, and also prayed that the second accused is released to the Nanumba Traditional Council on bail for the traditional council to conduct its own investigations into the matter.

 The lawyer further prayed the court that if the second accused is given bail, he will always be available as and when the court desires.

Lawyer for third, fourth, fifth and sixth accused persons, Mohammed Shaibu prayed the court to grant bail to his clients saying their human rights had been violated as his crosschecking of documents relating to the charges leveled against them did not match the evidence provided the court.

The court declined to grant bail to the suspects as pleaded by the two lawyers for the accused. The judge explained that cases of murder, rape, defilement and other first degree felony could not be granted bail under the criminal offence code of Ghana.

 He there for advised lawyers for the accused to seek a bail from the high court as the case before him is beyond his jurisdiction. The accused persons are to reappear before the court on August 6, 2015. 

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