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Peasant farmers appeal to government support buffer stock company in the northern region


A research conducted by peasant farmers in the northern region has shown that about 94 percent of peasant farmer’s population fall within the active working class which means an enormous productive populace available to drive the agricultural sector.
The study also revealed that grains and legumes are the most cultivated category of food crops with 52 percent respondents. It also brought to bear that 98 percent vegetable producers are women which makes it a favorable tool to improving the livelihood of women economically.
The research however identified vegetable producers as the most vulnerable in terms of storage. The lack of ready market for farm produce also came up as a challenge.
Institutions such as MOFA, SADA, MIDA, and the Buffer stock company also placed more emphasis on the storage difficulties as the most pressing problem.
This came to light at a day’s sensitization workshop for peasant farmers on buffer stock with support from the BUSAC fund.
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In his address, the president of the peasant farmers association of Ghana, Mohammed Adam Nashiru encouraged more women to go in vegetable farming.
He said farmers should not just farm for the pleasure of it but rather put into consideration produce that has ready market. Mr Adam Nashiru appealed to government to support the buffer stock company to cater for the three northern regions.]]>

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