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Prince Mahama worries over pirate of music


Born in 1953 in the Tolon District, Prince Mahama is one of Ghana’s premier highlife artistes. Prince Mahama who became blind at the age of 10 began his music career in 1983 when he jointly formed a band as blind people.

Surprisingly, he was the first northern artiste to play with western musical instruments to be aired on both TV and on radio. He became the first artiste to record music in Gonja Dialogue.

Undoubtedly, Prince Mahama started the contemporary music in the Northern Region. Having gone through early life as a teacher and musician at that time, he later retired from teaching and formed his own band, known as Savannah Ecos Band in 2001.

Eventually, price Mahama dominated the highlife scene throughout the 80’s, 90’s and the early 2001.Sharing his experience on Monday night celebrity show on Zaa Radio with Nash Iddi, Prince Mahama acknowledged the efforts of many artistes who brought to  limelight the spirit of northern music.

He, however, maintained that the industry is choked with pirates which kept him away from the spot light for quite some time now.

Prince Mahama has almost 3 albums to his credit and continues to record. It is amazing how he has been able to consistently appeal to generations of Ghanaians with his purely highlife brand of music.

 When you listen to any of his songs, you feel the richness of his instruments and you get the feeling as though you were listening to him perform live. Among his many hits are “A dini Guli a”, “A kutooi yo”, “M ma bihi yooi”, Nanima Ti teemiya bi yala and many others.

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