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RAINS donates storage facilities to 5 farming communities




The Regional Advisory Information and Network Systems (RAINS), a nongovernmental organization  have presented 25 metal silos to 450 farmers in the Savelugu municipality for storage of grains.

The silos are expected to reduce problems associated with the storage of farm produce.  The beneficiary communities include Zoosali, Tindang, Kpachilo, Langa and Yilipani.

The beneficiary farmers have also received adequate training on how to use the storage facilities. The 25 silos was one of the initiatives of the Climate Change Adaptation in Northern Ghana Enhanced (CHANGE) project funded by the Canadian the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

CHANGE seeks to address the urgent need of women and men smallholder farmers in the northern Ghana to understand the cause and effects of climate change variability and climate change adaptive initiatives at the grassroots level.

It will also promote the integration of a climate change approach into agriculture and livelihoods development programming.

The CHANGE project according to RAINS was designed in the areas of food security and livelihoods by the Canadian Feed The Children (CFTC) with RAINS facilitating the activities of the project in its catchment areas.

Presenting the silos to the beneficiary communities, the project coordinator of CHANGE, Mohammed Kamel Damam explained that the goal of the project was to ensure that smallholder farmers of six communities have improved adaptive capacity to and increase resilience to the impacts of climate change on agriculture, food security and livelihoods in northern Ghana.

Each silo according to Kamel can stored about ten (10) bags of cereals and that each silo was for a household. He said RAINS has realized that post harvest loses still remain the major challenge facing famers and therefore the need to help them. ’’They have been supported with these silos because farmers face the challenge of post harvest loses; as a result of that we are supporting with the silos so they can be able to deal with post harvest loses’’ the CHANGE project coordinator explained.

 The beneficiary farmers thanked RAINS for identifying their needs and appealed to assist them with more silos. The farmers say the intervention by RAINS was timely and that insects infestation of their grains will be a thing of the past. The beneficiary farmers however appealed to RAINS to increase their support to cover other farmers. But the project coordinator assured the farmers of his outfit commitment to assisting the rest of the farmers.








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