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RCC apologies to Gulkpe Naa


The Northern Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) has apologies to the Gulkpe Naa, Alhaji Abdulai Alhassan and the people of Dagbon over the behavior of security men at the 57th Independence Day celebration at the Tamale jubilee park yesterday towards the Gulkpe Naa and his entourage.

The high power delegation led by the deputy northern regional minister Alhaji A.B.A Fuseini apologies profusely for the unfortunate incident that led to Gulkpe Naa and his sub-chiefs boycotting the 2014 Independence Day celebration.

Alhaji A.B.A. Fuseini who is also the Member of Parliament for Sagnarigu constituency described the incidents unfortunate and thanked the Gulkpe Naa for his magnanimity and patience he shown at the police park.

Remorseful were on their knees before the Gulkpe Naa with all persuasive words one can think off to apologies on behalf of the northern regional minister who together with all envoys designates by President Mahama to foreign countries were on the dais in the Tamale Jubilee Park.

Meanwhile, the public relations officer to the Gulkpe Naa Alhaji Abdul-Latif Sahanaa has called for calm and urged residents to let cool heads prevail.  Chief Sahanaa stressed that, the RCC apology brings to the closure of the matter and that the palace has taken the apology in good faith.

A source at the RCC on Friday told Zaa News that ’’ the office is boiling over the matter; is a very serious matter, is been meeting upon meeting I think an apology will be rendered’’.

The REGSSEC of the northern at its meeting of 11th March, 2014 reviewed the events which took place on 6th 2014 March 12, 2014 during the 57th Independence Anniversary Celebration, and in particular took note of concerns expressed by the Gulkpegu Palace in Tamale on the said day.

It will be recalled that on 6th March 12, 2014, the Gulkpegu Naa and his entourage were not allowed entry into the parade grounds as a result of their late arrival at the programme which felt slighted and already started.

This did not go down well with the palace officials who felt slighted and embarrassed.  REGSEC has since engaged the Gulkpegu palace in discussions with a view of reaching a common understanding.

Out of the discussions held with the Gulkpegu palace in Tamale, the differences have been amicably resolved. The Gulkpegu palace and REGSEC have agreed to work together with a view to accelerating the development of Tamale and its environs.

REGSEC has also decided that in order to forestall any occurrence there will be effective open communication between the regional Co-ordinating Council and the traditional authorities during official ceremonies, taking into account traditional and customary peculiarities of the area.

A statement signed by the outgoing northern regional minister and Chairman of REGSEC Bed A. Ziedeng, stated; ’’REGSEC, finds what happened on 6th March 12, 2014 most regrettable, and REGSEC will therefore put measures in place to prevent its future reoccurrence’’.





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