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Gulkpe Naa boycott of 57th Independence Day in Tamale & matters arising


The Palace of the paramount Chief of Tamale has resolved that it would not have anything to do with the Northern Regional Coordinating Council (RCC)  

This follows the unfortunate incidents at the Jubilee Park which led to Gulkpe Naa returning to the palace home in disappointment without participating in the 57th independence celebration.  

Gulkpe Naa and his sub-Chiefs numbering over hundred boycotted and went back to the palace on Thursday morning. It has also accused the coordinating council of allowing the security to embarrass the Gulkpe-Naa and his entourage on their way to the dais at the Tamale Jubilee Park during celebration the 57th anniversary Independence Day in Tamale.  

The palace has also taken on the ruling National Democratic Party executives, the regional minister and the Tamale metropolitan chief executive for not intervening to allow the Gulkpe Naa to take part in the celebration knowing very well that he is the custodian of the land in the Tamale traditional area as the representative of the over lord of Dagbon.

The palace says it was served with a letter of invitation which indicated that the program would start at 7:00am as reporting time which the chief complied.

To prevent delay on reaching Tamale Jubilee Park, Gulkpe Naa instructed Gong Gong beaters to take a lead so he could arrive on time only to be turned away by the security.

The place henceforth resolved that the Gulkpe Naa’s Palace will not have anything to do with either the Tamale metropolitan assembly or the northern regional coordinating council until they render an unqualified apology to the palace. When contacted, the northern regional coordinating council declined to comment on the matter.

The Public Relations Officer of the Gulkpe Naa, Chief Sahanaa Abdul-Latif said is about the political leadership in Tamale respect chiefs.

The action by military angered many Dagombas leaving many extremely surprised and anxiously waiting the response from the Tamale metropolitan assembly and the regional coordinating council.



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