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Water shortage hits Tamale


Water shortage has hit the Tamale metropolis for about four days now without any official explanation from the Ghana Water Company in the northern region.

Residents in almost every area in Tamale are with without water flowing from their pipes. Some areas started experiencing the shortage since Saturday night.

Areas such as Gumani, Nyashegu, agric area, Tishegu Nyohini among others have had their pipes not flowing without any announcement by the Ghana Water Company Limited in the northern region.

Mile 9 area has been without running water for four days now. The shortage according to residents is affecting restaurant operators, school attendance and the general working populist.

The shortage comes in the wake of disconnection of customers by the GWCL. The situation has already affected productivity in both private and public institutions as it has caused late attendenaces by workers and students..

The only place where people of Tamale normally rely on in this situation, the GWCL reservoir at water works area is also not working on Monday morning. This left many residents frustrated and angry at the GWCL.

A teacher who our news team met struggling with women and children to fetch water at a wheel directly opposite Zaa Radio in Tamale said authorities need to do something now. He told Zaa News that, he has been struggling to fetch water for about an hour.

All efforts to get communications officer of Ghana Water Company in the northern region, Nii Abbey to explain the cause of the shortage proved futile as his telephones were all off.





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