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We need to carry the people along-Tamale Mayor


The Tamale metropolitan assembly has urged beneficiary communities of the Ghana Urban Management Pilot Program (GUMPP) to support the assembly in upgrading their communities.

Residents in Tishigu, Salamba, and Moshei Zongo are benefiting from 5.7 million Ghana cedis one year GUMPP project which is expected to improve street lights and access roads with drains.

Implementers of the project in foreseeing some resistance by some residents in the communities have decided to engage major stakeholders before the start of the project. The assembly met opinion leaders and the youth and explained the benefits of the project in the communities.

The GUMPP project will among other things construct storm drains, a retention pond in Gumani  to help address the perennial flooding which has ravaging  both Tamale metropolis and the Sagnarigu District.

It is common in the Tamale metropolis to fine illegal extension of rooms making it difficult for emergency service delivery such as fire service and ambulance to move in. Structures such as containers have also spring up occupying space meant for roads.  

To avoid resistance, the assembly has embarked on community sansitazation and engagement with the people to explain the benefits of the project.

The Metropolitan Chief Executive for Tamale, Hanan Abdul Rahman Gundadow together with project consultant, contractor and officials of the assembly visited Tishigu and Moshei Zongo Friday engage residents on how the project will be implemented.

The Tamale metro assembly according to the mayor is projecting that, in the next ten years Tamale should be able compete with the national capital-Accra and therefore there was the need to carry the people along in the developmental process. At separate forums on Friday, Hanan Gundadow said development of Tamale lies in the hands of the inhabitants and nobody outside the metropolis.

Hon. Gundadow appealed to the chiefs and people in Tamale to cooperate with the assembly to achieve its projection of competing with the national capital, Accra in the next ten years.

For the residents whose properties or structures may be affected, the mayor said the assembly only cited some temporary structures in the communities.

He said the assembly has recognized that there is no major properties doted along the propose roads and that the owners knows that is not permanent place for them.

The mayor expressed the hope that once the project commence, owners of the containers will remove their properties.

GUMPP is a Ghana-France collaboration loan facility of €40 million through the Agence France de Development (AFD).

Three other cities other cities including, Sekondi-Takoradi, Ho and Kumasi are also benefitting from the facility.





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