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Yaa Na Yakubu ii To Be Remembered


The Yaa Na memorial lecture secretariat has served notice that it will mark this year’s Yaa Na memorial lecture in grand style since it marks the tenth anniversary of the death of Yaa Na Yakubu Andani.
A statement signed by its spokesperson Mahama Shayibu says the celebration will be under the theme” What next for the Andanis, after NDC failed electoral promise”.
He says unlike previous years, this year will also see the celebration of the birth day of the king in August.
The statement advises the police to allow for the celebration to come off, recounting the frustrations that the Andanis went through in the past all in the name of insecurity.
  The statement says it believes that if the WOYOME judgement debt that saw the state coughing over five hundred billion old Ghana cedis to an individual did not cause instability, celebration of the life of a great king will equally not disturb any peace.
Mr. Shayibu says the occasion will be used to examine the speeches, comments, pronouncements and promises of NDC big wigs including President Mills on the Yaa na murder case since the NDC assumed political leadership some three and a half years ago.
The statement adds that pronouncements by particularly Okujuto Ablakwah and Baba Jamal, both deputy ministers in response to a news conference recently held by some Andani youth will also be scrutinized to help understand government’s position on the matter before the 2012 elections. 
The statement says the contributions of NDC MPs in Dagbon considered as eloquent beneficiaries of the murder of Na Yakubu ii will also be evaluated for Andanis to determine whether they still have the moral right to attract any Andani votes to parliament.
The statement advises the Andani youth to be wary of some politicians who would discourage them with money so they do not take part in the exercise, saying the event will come off, God willing, even if there are only ten people attending it at the venue.
The statement says it will duly inform the police in line with the public order act but will defy any, as it puts it, draconian police order to stop the event. It is recalled that the National Democratic Congress, while in opposition promised to set up an independent presidential commission to look into the murder of the Yaa na but has since failed to do that.
Government arrested some fifteen people but they were released. Government has appealed but the appeal is yet to be heard.Government officils from Dagbon have since kept mute over the issue minding their own businesses.]]>

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