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Yendi residents engage in fracas over water


Residents in the Yendi Municipality are engaging in scuffles at wells in the municipality over water for drinking. The scuffle follows the dry up of a tributary of River Dakar known as the Kulikpuni dam, where the Ghana water company limited draws its source of raw water and processes it for the residents in Yendi.

 The dam according to the residents is now muddied making it difficult for the little water to pass through the intake plant for processing.

The people in Yendi municipality experienced a similar situation about 7 years ago and have never witnessed such a situation until now.

In 2008, the Kulikpuni dam dried up and it took a communal labour by the residents to disilt the dam. This year’s dry-up which occurred only a week ago took residents by surprise when their pipes stopped flowing coupled with low water level of the few wells in and around Yendi municipality.

Women in Yendi told Zaa News that economic activities are gradually grinding to a halt with many spending the whole day at few wells just for a drum of water.

 One of the frustrated women, Wasila Fuseini said they cannot do anything now because water is everything in life. For those who can afford, private tankers are selling the muddied waters from Kulikpuni at 3 Ghana cedis for a drum.

The Ghana water company in Yendi is reported to have told the residents that, they are looking up to the contractors working on the eastern corridor road to come and help in disilting Kulikpuni. An official of the Ghana Water Company Limited in Yendi who want to remain anonymous told Zaa News on phone that the water problem was a serious one and that he cannot comment on it. Efforts to get the Municipal Chief Executive for Yendi, Issah Zakaria on measures to address the problem prove futile.


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