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Yendi restaurant operators to close down over water shortage


Restaurant and Small Scale Business operators in the Yendi Municipality are considering closing down following water crisis that has hit the area.

The operators say the acute water shortage has a toll on their business and they can no longer cope with the situation describing it as unprecedented in the history of Yendi.

They have asked the municipal authorities of the area to wake up from their slumber. Most of the food joints Zaa News visited in the municipality said the price of water in the municipality has shot up as a drum of unclean water is sold between 8 and 10 GH¢ depending on the distance.

According to managers of the restaurants, large chunk of their capital has been channeled into buying water which has become burdensome on their working capital.

The restaurant operators are of the view that their services are mostly targeted at travellers who are greatly affected because operating hours have changed significantly because they spend most of the hours of the day searching for the water.

Owners of the restaurants told Zaa News that the situation is crippling their businesses. “We buy a drum of water GH¢ 120 and that is even unpurified water; how can we operate, we can’t continue this way’’ Hajia Sakpala lamented. Hajia Falila Yakubu of Falila food Complex who corroborated with her colleague told Zaa News instead of starting work at 6 am local time; most restaurants now start operating about 1 pm. A situation she said is deriving away their customers.

Some of the frustrated women are considering relocating to ŋaani and Sabali where they said water was abundant to save their lives.  The women also made it clear that they will only take part in election if water is made available in Yendi. ’’We have Municipal Chief Executive, Member of Parliament and the central government and all of them knows that water is life and yet careless; we are waiting for them to come for our votes we will show them that  we are not seasonal seeds’’, the frustrated women fumed.    




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