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Yendi water crisis worsened; residents threaten demonstration


Residents in the Yendi Municipality have given government one week ultimatum to address the acute water shortage or face their wrath. The residents say government has only one option to find solution to the perennial water crisis in Yendi which has reached its peak.

They say will embark on series demonstrations. The residents are angry that the Yendi municipal authority remain unconcerned and allow the water problem worsen especially, during this fasting period. 

The residents accused the Municipal Chief Executive, Issah Zakaria and the Member of Parliament, Mohammed Habib Tijani for not having the people at heart when they are suffering.  The crisis hit Yendi municipality for almost four months now without any support from government.

The situation angered residents who travel between 6 and 10 kilometers in search of water. The residents’ suffering started following the drying up of Kulikpuni, a tributary of River Dakar where Ghana water company limited draws water raw water and treated it for the consumption of the residents. 

The dam has dried up since 2007 and the impact, according to the residents, at then was less as compared this year.  

Residents say they doubt the faith of Yendi MCE and MP as they are fully aware that during the month of Ramadan Muslims use water a lot and instead them help the people to get water they are showing no concern to their plight.  

They warn all political parties that until the water problem is solved, no politician should think of canvasing for their votes in any elections.  Absenteeism and lateness among School children in the Yendi municipality have risen to alarming proportions and productivity from both public and private sector workers is being affected.

The Yendi municipality sought support of the contractors working on the eastern corridor road to disilt River Dakar tributary for only 12 hours on Sunday 21 June 22, 2015, after Zaa news broke the water crisis in Yendi.

But the residents told Zaa News at the intake plant site where the disilting took place that, the Yendi Municipal assembly misdirected the eastern corridor contractors excavator operators  because machines taking the water could still be seen on the surface of the water making it difficult to draw the water.

President of Yendi Concerned Citizens, Mohammed Amin who briefed journalists on the situation in Yendi that the Yendi assembly in the interim must organize water tankers to supply residents water at lesser price because some households can no longer bear with the situation. The concerned Yendi citizens also want the assembly to stop all farming activities along Kulikpuni river banks and rather encourage residents to plant trees.  Zara News visit to Nayili Fong saw some children digging holes at the banks of a dam to draw fresh water  because the dam water turns muddy and polluted. 



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