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Oxfam urges Ghanaians public sector workers to change their attitudes


Oxfam International, a nongovernmental Organization has called on Ghanaians, especially public sector workers to change their attitudes towards work if they really want the country to catch up with developed countries.

According to Oxfam, complains of lack of resources among government sector workers will continue to exist if workers remain adamant in changing their attitudes towards work.

Responding to an array of complains and lamentations from some education sector workers at a day Institute of Democratic Governance (IDEG), Round Table Discussion on inequality in Tamale, Oxfam- Ghana Programs Officer in the Northern Region, Mr Johnson Naapi disagreed with teachers, especially for lamenting.

According to him, it is explicitly stated in teachers appointment letters that you are being posted to where your services are needed and they agreed.

The same teachers he added demand incentives for accepting to teach in rural areas. On supervision, he said there were initiatives geared at addressing the challenges facing the educational sector but did monitoring and supervision improved, he asked? He believes attitudinal change is the best way to bridge the inequality gap in education, health and social protection.

The National President of Federation of Muslim Women Ghana, Hajia Azara Talley agreed and call for a national conference on attitudinal charge if Ghanaians really want to ensure inequality in all sectors of the economy.

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