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Mion District calls for termination of rural electrification project over contract delays



Apparently fed up with the rather nonchalant attitude of the contractor executing the rural electrification project in the Mion, the district assembly has written to the Ministry of Power to terminate the contract.

The district chief executive for Mion, Mr Dan Makandan, who announced the official termination process at the second ordinary meeting of the assembly on Thursday, explained that the assembly has no control over the contractor because the contract was awarded in Accra.

The DCE decision follows  several complaints made by the affected communities and assembly members about the lukewarm attitude of the contractor towards the project.

The assembly members  who hailed the DCE decision  opted for the termination, repackaging and re-awarding of the contract because the contractor never showed any seriousness since assuming work.

In the few communities where the contractor has completed work, he just mounted transformers and abruptly left the project without any reason, some assembly members stated. Such situations, the assembly members observed, need to be looked into because the communities need electricity.

The decision to call for the termination of the contract, Mr Makandan explained was also to correct misinformation and lies being peddled around by some people who are bent on using the slow progress of the project to tarnishing government’s name .

Residents in the district capital-Sang township expressed dismay with the delay of the rural electrification project and have accused government officials of not showing serious interest about the attitude of the contractor executing the project.

Mr Makandan said the only way out is to officially write to the Power Ministry.

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