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Education director encourages teacher trainees to develop professional qualities


The deputy director of education for the Sagnaigu District, Mr Adam Abdul Razak, has encouraged teacher trainees in the northern region to develop the necessary professional qualities to ensure lifelong teaching careers for themselves.

According to him, it is believed that initial teacher education is of paramount importance and that any defects appearing in the programme will have consequences that will be extremely difficult to correct later on.

The need for in-service teacher education, he said, is inevitable, but the basis for professional competence is imparted during the period of initial teacher education.

The deputy director made the call at the opening ceremony of the 22nd Annual delegates congress of the Association of Teacher Trainees  in Colleges of the Northern Sector (ATTRICONS) 22nd anniversary in Tamale.

The ceremony was on the theme; The fate of the Teacher Trainee in the current Trend of Teacher Education.

It was attended by representatives from the eight colleges of education in the northern region namely; The Tamale college of education, Bagabaga college of education, Tumu college of education, Gbewa college of education, Gambaga college of education, St. John Bosco college of education, Nuwrat Jahan college of education and EP college of education.

Addressing the teacher trainees, the deputy director stated that teacher education aims at achieving a balanced development of the personality of each teacher, a process in which his or her pedagogic thinking plays an essential role.

Mr Razak also called for an increase in teacher mobility to enhance the smooth movement of teachers from one position to the other.

The Northern Regional chairman of the Coalition of Concern Teachers (CCT), Mr Laar Yaw Naanang on his part, assured ATTRICONS of its readiness and preparedness to join forces in the course of fighting for the betterment of teachers in the region, as well as the country.

He also entreated the trainees not to reject where they are been posted to because those are the places their services are needed most.

By; Lilian D.Walter/

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