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Two governing council members of the University for Development Studies (UDS) were on Wednesday reportedly removed from a crucial meeting to select a new vice chancellor. They were allegedly ordered to leave the meeting without any explanation. The meeting was to decide on a successor to the current vice chancellor, Professor Haruna Yakubu whose tenure ends this year.

The two, Cletus Chikpa, President of the Central Students’ Representative Council(SRC) and Timothy Ayandu, President of the UDS branch of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana(GRASSAG) were among 14 members sworn in by the education minister, Professor Jane Naana Opoko-Agyeman on behalf of President John Maham a few months ago.

Chikpa and Ayandu represent thousands of students who the new chancellor would be superintending. The decision to remove the student representatives angered some former graduates of the institution. A concerned alumnus of the University who requested anonymity expressed his disappointment over the governing council’s alleged removal of the two council members. The alumnus said he suspected some council members wanted to circumvent the due process in getting an acceptable replacement for  ProfessorYakubu. He also warned that any attempt by the council to go ahead with its position will be a violation of the law governing the university.

Like any other public entity the university was mandated to advertise for prospective applicants with requisite qualifications. Three UDS professors, Gabriel Teye, Amin Alhassan and Jane Dery applied for the post. The three applicants were supposed to have been vetted by a search committee  of the university who would then submit its report on all three candidates and a short list to the governing council for approval.  However, our sources say there was disaffection during the council meeting over a candidate some council members are pushing to become the new UDS vice chancellor.

Some of the council members were reported to have kicked against the decision to approve a candidate perceived to be the favorite of some council members for the vice chancellor’s position without due process. Our checks also reveal that there were similar occurrences in 2009 but those were vehemently opposed by council members.

But the UDS governing council chairman, Professor Stephen Kandi in response denied the allegation of sacking the two council members.  In a text message to Zaa News, Kandi asked:”How can this be possible? Council has no right to sack any member, this is pure fiction.”

In another development, an obviously angry Chikpa says he is contemplating petitioning UDS administration and the council over the matter. He could not understand why he and Ayandu as sworn council members  were deliberately left out of the decision making process.

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