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Nobody ordered me to stepdown-N/R Minister


The Northern Regional Minister has broken his silence on his decision not to contest the Damongo constituency parliamentary primaries. Alhaji Mohammed-Muniru Limuna declared his interest to the contest the incumbent NDC Member of Parliament, Adam Mutawakilu few months to the opening of nominations.

It was romoured that, the President, John Dramani Mahama ordered him to step-down  but the flatly dismissed it.

The  Minister in far away in Brazil announced to his supporters through his personal aid that he was no longer interested in contesting the primaries.  His decision angered his loyalist  leading to some violent protest in Damongo township amidst destruction of his personal office and the NDC constituency office.

The minister stated emphatically that nobody ordered him to step down as being speculated. “Nobody order me to step as a parliamentary candidates; I saw what was coming and I decided that for the sake of unity in the party, I Muniru will not died because I want to become MP’’  the passionate Minster told party members.

He recounted in an open meeting how a constituency executive member got up and said that what happen in 1996 will happen in the 2015 primaries. In 1969, a group of NDC supporters died including a prominent member popularly called Amingo.

Alhaji Limuna also recounted how spirituality was manifesting its way into the constituency in the run up to the primaries. ’’ When I went to Damongo to launch Friends of Alhaji Limuna (FOAM) the family struggle to prepared food for press men,  it took four hours to prepare rice which was unusual’’ the minister stated.”

Alhaji Limuna who is an ardent and practicing Muslim said after a careful examination on the way things were going, he could not allow someone to die because he wanted to become an MP.

According to him, whether MP or not MP  he could still help his people and he don’t care about people accusing  him of being afraid of contest. “Is better to be  afraid to keep the system united then to be a brave person to go and destroy the system”  he adds. Alhaji Limuna stated this when he addressed 120 parliamentary aspirants in Tamale ahead of vetting.

The Minister reminded the aspirants about the herculean task ahead of them to recapture all the ten seats the party lost in 2012 election.

According to him the party lost a number of seats due to some selfish attitude exhibited by some aspirants during the last election. He made the call when he was addressing various Parliamentary Aspirants in the northern region.

Alhaji Limuna alleged that some people are contesting based on their own selfish interests and if they lose they end up turning their back to the party. He told the aspirants that leadership is given by God and therefore aspirants should be guided by that principle.

According to the minister, while other regions are launching operations 1 million and 150 votes but here there is none.  I ones over hear a statement from a big man in our party complaining that every region has operation with the exception of northern region and that even in parliaments MPs from the region can’t meet, he lamented.

Alhaji Limuna also advised Aspirants to beware of the way and manner they go about their campaign on radio and urged Aspirants to control their followers who go round making unnecessary and violent utterances about other aspirants.

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