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Gumbihini North residents lament insanitary conditions


Some Residents in the Gumbihini North electoral area in the Tamale metropolis have exgumbihinipressed their displeasure about the sanitation problem in the area which they note has persisted for the past six months. So far, according to the angry residents, authorities have not  given the problem the attention it requires.

Besides being a health hazard, residents also pointed out that the unresolved sanitary problem has made it very difficult to continue living in the area.

And despite several promises made by the area’s assembly man Mr. Haruna Mashud, to bring an end to the problem, nothing positive to date has been done, residents said.

Residents complained that during the rainy season, the area gets chocked with rubbish. “The problem of the insanitary conditions in the area could expose us to diseases,” lamented a resident who spoke to Zaa news.  They subsequently called on the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly to come to their aid before this year’s rain sets in.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mashud has assured residents that the sanitation situation would be resolved soon. He urged all residents of Gumbihini to give him a helping hand in addressing their challenges.

Speaking to Zaa News, the assembly man observed that the development of Gumbihini is a shared responsibility and the collective effort of every resident and entreated residents to contribute towards its progress.

By;Ibrahim Timtooni/

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