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The King of Dagbon enskins Nyankpala and the Sang Chiefs; instructs occupant-regents to vacate palace.


The King of Dagbon, NdanYa-NaaAbukari II, has enskinned two chiefs for two traditional areas in his kingdom. The two are paramount chiefs of Nyankpala and Sang traditional areas.
These two traditional areas, still have sitting regents who are yet to perform their late fathers’ funerals, which have been lingering for several years now. The enskinment of chiefs with sitting regents still acting follows the King’s warning to the regents last year to perform their father’s funeral or face enskinment. At the Gbewaa Palace this morning, the King enskinned Sagnarigu Dataling Lana Ibrahim Mohammed as the chief of Nyankpala and Gburma Dana Mahama Yakubu as the chief of Sang. The Dagbon king also enskinned Fiyaa Naa as Kugu Logu.
In a brief message sent through His Dugu Kpana to the Sang Chief, the King advised him to be patient in overseeing the area. “You can only rule the people with patience,” the king emphasized. Reports say the regent of Sang left the palace Thursday night. Armed police were allegedly seen at the Sang Palace. Zaa News reporter Abudu Abdul Rahaman, who was at the Gbewaa Palace during the enskinment, reports that the Sang regent was seen entering the Gbewaa Palace after the enskinment. Sang township is said to be peaceful after the news broke that a new chief has been appointed.
Speaking to the media, Iddrisu Abdul Fatawu, registrar of the Dagbon Traditional Council, stated that the King does not own the performance of late chiefs’ funerals, but the title is under his bosom and his right to enskin chiefs. The registrar said the performance of the funerals is left to the families to organize it.
It is very unfair on the part of the regents to refuse to perform their late father’s funeral in Dagbon, the registrar stated. Commenting on the gunmen’s alleged kidnapping and manhandling of the Sang regent, Mr. Abdul Fatatwu of the Gbewaa palace has not yet verified the authenticity or otherwise of the rumor.

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