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Anbarriya calls for tolerance among preachers during Ramadan


The Anbariya Islamic Institute has called preachers in the region to exhibit tolerance and eschew provocative preaching during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Institute has also pledged to abide by laid down rules sanctioned by the Daawa Committee to peace and security throughout the holy month.

The Secretary to the Leader of the Anbariya Islamic Institute, Sheikh Abdul-Samie Issah Iddris, during the graduation ceremony of Ambariya College of Education. 

The institute further assured that it does not anticipate any of its Imams from any mosque to be antagonistic against other sects during the fasting period.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the Institute in Tamale, the Secretary to the Leader if the Anbariya Islamic Institute, Sheikh Abdul-Samie Issah Iddris, emphasized the importance of peace in socioeconomic development.

He said the institute will ensure that all imams under its arm bit operate within laid down rules and called on other preachers to follow same

Anbarriay, Sheik Abdul Samie Issah explained was both Arabic and circular education oriented with evidence of its passed students including professor Amin Alhassan, Director General of Ghana Broadcasting Cooperation (GBC) and Minority Leader of Ghana’s parliament Haruna Iddrisu serving the country in different capacities.


On the challenges confronting Anbarriya, Sheik Abdul Samie Issah mentioned infrastructure and motivation of graduates as a big issue. We have satellites branch outside the main campuses where there should have been a structure for the college of education to be expanded to include other subjects but not only for the teaching of theology.

The college he said currently uses morning session students’ structure after they closed. Motivation for graduates from the college thus material and physical to teach Arabic, especially when Arabic is an international language and politicians making promises of including Arabic language into the curriculum emphasized the need for attention to be paid to it.

 Ghanaians are religious and religiously minded people but to avoid to people being fraudsters in the name of religion. This, he noted will not only help Anbarriya but also the government because is of national interest.

Another key challenge facing Anbarriya according to Sheik Abdul-Samie Issah, was how to get their own media house aside social media to champion the ideology and propagate Islam properly to the people.

Enhance communication structure such as radio and television station, he emphasized, was key and we have started the process of acquiring radio frequency and TV channel but certain infrastructure was needed and helping hands are welcome.   

On Anbarriya having its own education Unit, the secretary recalled how he carried documents to Accra during the late President Mills regime to Tamale south MP, Haruna Iddrisu. The MP he recounted did his part by leading to him to the then education minister, Mr Alex Tettey- Enyo and up to date, they are yet to get feedback.

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