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Eye specialist advises gov’ to set up eye clinics in rural areas


An Optometrist, Dr Isaac Yarru has called on government to set eye care facilities in the rural areas to prevent growing increasing cases of eye infections among the rural folks  in the northern region. 

Dr Yarru said  health authorities need to pay special attention to the area before people loses their eyes. 

The Opmetist raised concerns about the increasing eye infections including cathartic among the old people in Kpantiga  and suspicious glaucoma among young men. 

Some of the eye infections Dr Yarru said has been untreated for months and could deterrote. 


Dr Yarru who was part of NPP parliamentary candidate Hassan  Tampuli medical outreach team conducting free screening emphasized the need for competent eye care facilities for the people. 

He was not happy that a young person in Kpantiga whose vision is almost gone and the parents have no clue of what to do. 

He advised residents to  blink and  wash their eyes  very often and also used cold water wash their eyes anytime is itching  or get protective sun glasses. 

General practitioner, Dr Gameli Aheto told Zaa News that most of the cases recorded among the older people were Musculoskeletal pain such as lower back pain, waist, joint acheds. 

He attributed to it the farming activities the people are engaged in. Dr Gameli said children seems to be tested with Malaria parasites. 

Some of residents who spoke to Zaa News welcomes the screening and hope it will continue. Mrs Iddrisu Azara and Sana Iddrisu said they were examined for varied illnesses and were given drugs by the team.


Other illnesses detected were fungal infections, skin conditions and allergic infections. Dr Gameli said some of the cases have to be referred to bigger health facilities but the people are not willing to go for further treatment. 

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