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It’s practically impossible to observe social distance-TAMASCO Head


The Head Master of Tamale Senior High School (TAMASCO), Reverend Edward Azeka has assured parents that the school is putting in place adequate measures to ensure that students returned to safe school environment on 15th January reopening as announced by the president.

The school is expecting 1,200 year 3 students and 500-year twos (green truck) bringing the total population expected in this academic term to 1,700.

TAMASCO, Reverend Azika says had held several meetings with various schedule officers such as house masters and heads of department to ensure that students return without difficulties.

On measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Reverend Azika stated that it is practically impossible for the school to observe the social distancing safety protocol.

Reverend Azika who is the regional Chairman of Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) said the school cannot go back to previous 25 per class because all the students are coming to school this round.

’’For the classroom we have adequate classrooms to contain all the numbers coming but for social distancing, it is practically impossible’’, Reverend Azika said.

The school he said, is take precautions by insisting that all students wear their nose masks with sanitizers.

Food for students

The CHASS chairman is hoping that National Food  Buffer Stock company will be able to supply them with food before 15th to enable the school prepare meals for the students.

He explained that, the school will be confronted with inadequate classrooms if they resort to 25 per class instead about 40 in a class as it used to be before covid-19 pandemic outbreak.  

Speaking to the media after fumigation of the school by Zoomlion, Reverend assured parents that the school is liaising with the logistics office of the regional education directorate for their share of the Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs).  

Reverend Azeka lauded the Ministry of Education in partnership with Zoomlion Ghana under the supervision of the Ghana Education Service (GES) to fumigate basic, secondary and tertiary educational institutions to ensure conducive environment for both students and their teachers.

In all, 460 basic schools, 79 senior high schools and 15 tertiary institutions will be fumigated before January 15.

Reverend Azeka suggested to government to make the fumigation regular exercise in all the schools across the country to get rid of bedbugs.

The previous exercise he observed reduced bedbugs’ infestation in the schools significantly.  

The previous exercise he noted contributed significantly in getting rid of bedbugs which is a bane for schools across the country. 

The disinfection he noted will create congenial atmosphere for pupils, students and teachers at the various educational institutions.

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