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Our road is now our home-Flood victims cries


Residents of Nawuni, one of the hard hit flood  community in the  Kumbungu district of the Northern have turned the main road leading to area into shelter.

The community which is now mainly adults dominated now battling with snakes from the rabbles. Nawuni has a total 84  houses with 1, 580 population.
Of the number, over 70  houses has been badly affected by the floods. The adjourning community, Afa Yili which is now an island has 16  houses with the population of 330.

Under age children have sent to nearby communities for safety.
Residents said the  road is now their temporary shelter at night because they don’t any place called home.

Narrating their predicaments to Zaa News, a  victim, Mrs Rashida Abu who was   said  her parents came for her children because they cannot guarantee their safety at Nawuni now.

Mrs Rashida said they are in mercy of mosquitoes and reptiles at night and appealed for urgent attention before the outbreak of commicable diseases.
Sanitation situation is  becoming worst due to lack of toilet facilities.

“We eased ourselves on the water because we have not option”, she confesses.

Some of the victims are seeking temporary shelter at the Nawuni primary school praying for the water subsided.

A 12 years-old boy, Abraham Sagar whose family house was submerge   recounted how he has to be roaming for place lay his head.
A community leader at Nawuni, Alex Ahotorchedi described the recent floods in the area as unprecedented.

According to him, the community is in a danger zone as a result of the magnitude of the floods and appealed for support from benevolent organizations and inviduals.

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