Photos: Covid-19 protocols breached in Tamale as registration proceeds

The various registration centers in the northern regional capital have been poorly set up as the COVID 19 protocols are not being observed. A visit by Zaa news to the Kalpohini Anglican center in the Tamale North constituency realized that, social distancing is not observe, water in the veronica bucket is finished and not refill, machines are slow and just a few people are with face masks.

At the Bishop’s RC center in the Sagnarigu constituency, the situation is not different. All safety protocols are being disregarded.

At Bagabaga demonstration also in the Sagnarigu constituency, again, the veronica bucket provided is without a water outlet hence has been packed under a table.

In addition to the non observance of the safety protocols, there is no security present in all the centers visited by Zaa news. After few hours of checking people’s temperature, the nurse has also stopped.

Responding to questions on why safety protocols are not observed, Registration Officer (RO) of Bagabaga demostration, said the people are adamant and refused to listen to their orders.

However all attempts to speak to the registration officers of the Kalpohini Anglican and Bishops RC centers failed.

Source:Ghana/Tamale/ Biawurbi

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