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Stop deceiving yourself that coronavirus is not coming to Ghana –KATH CEO advises Ghanaains


Chief Executive Officer of Komfo Anoky Teaching Hospital (KATH), Dr Oheneba Owusu-Danso  has warned that Ghana is not far from being hit by the deadly Corona virus that is ravaging across the globe.

According to the KATH CEO, Ghana’s over stretch health system will not be able contain the impact of  coronavirus which has come to add to the many challenges confronting teaching hospitals and all efforts and seriousness must put in place.

Ghana’s neighboring countries such as Nigeria, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Togo, Algeria and Ivory Cost have recorded different numbers of Coronavirus suspected cases with some deaths.

Ghana has recorded 54 suspected cases but test from the Noguch medical institute of the University of Ghana proved negative.
On Wednesday,  President Nana Akufo-Addo announced in telivise presidential Ghana’s address that the finance minister has set aside  $100 million to improve Ghana’s readiness and response stretagy.
But in  a solidarity message at the Tamale Teaching Hospital 2019 Annual Institutional Performance Review, Dr Danso cautioned  health professionals to take precautionary measures in their line of duty.
He advised them to  communicate accurately message of Coronavirus to the public. 

Dr Danso said  that Ghanaians should not deceive themselves that coronavirus will not come to Ghana.

He   was emphatic that Ghana’s healthcare system will certainly  be challenged because even European countries are going through challenges due to the devastating COVID-19.

The KATH CEO told health professional gathered that the coronavirus has come to add to the many challenges bedevils teaching hospitals which goes beyond performance indicators.

He urged everyone, especially those with smart phones not to take social media messages on the virus for granted.
The focus of Ghanaian authorities now Dr Danso said should be how to control and manage Coronavirus but not whether it will come or not.

‘Those of us in this hall don’t lte us deceive ourselves is not going to come because we know how far it has come. once is in Europe, Togo and Burkina and we know most of viral epidemic spread. Me and you here have physical responsibility. We must equipped ourselves with the knowledge immediately.

We should be advocates about dos and Don’s, the gathers and the wash of hands. Please don’t let’s read about it on whatsaps and other social media and take it  for granted, they are very interventions that everyone must do.

As the government continue to assure citizens, last Monday  9th  March we met and I know that some measures have being in put in place’ but the country health system is overstretch because there is a limit as to how we can go’. Our best thing is how to manage and control. Dr Owusu-Danso said cautioned.

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